Instagram guide (Tipps & tricks for followers and advertising)

An instagram guide to recieve more attention and followers

instagram guide tips tricks advertisement

Social media can be split into two categories. First, it is the best way to stay in touch with your beloved friends or to see what's going on around you. Second, mobile devices become more important for advertisements and social rankings since the majority of internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

instagram guide tips tricks advertisement

Moreover, more than 60% of the mobile users use social media as their main mobile activity. That's why social media has become very important to bring out new products or innovations out to the people.
However, how can you stand out of 500 million instagram users?

This Instagram guide (Tipps & tricks for more followers and advertising) will navigate you step by step on how to on-page-optimize your accounts and what else can be done to achieve your instagram goals (to gain new followers or to get more traffic - both is possible)

  1. On page optimization

    The most important thing is, to optimize your accounts. By this I mean to make it interesting or to bring your products out.
    Make it look professional. People are attracted to know what the newest thing is or want to stay up2date and they always follow the stars of the stars. If NIKE® brings out a new pair of shoes, the majority of people like them because they think it's some kind of new standard or some innovation. Apple® releases every 6 months a new product line and the customers turn crazy because they think it's some kind of innovation (and come on, we all know it's no innovation anymore)! So make your profile look like it's standard or innovative.
    For better understanding are we going to use an imaginary example of a perfume brand called "xs-Sol" and their newest fragrance "number one".


    The username actually does play a role. If you had the decision to follow an account with the name of
    " Best.Fragrance_In.The.World9 " or " xs_Sol_perfume ". Who would you pick? The username with your identity or some kind of click bait title. I would always go for the identity because the chances that it's not taken are higher than the first one, a username without numbers and many dots or underlines looks more professional and you're faster found in the search options of instagram which are leading to higher chances to be in the first in the search results.


    Your profile picture is your social media business card, so make it look like you're professional since it's the first impression people will have about your account. Show the logo of your company or whatever your niche is.
    Our instagram profile picture for "xs-Sol" perfume brand would look like this
    fake xs-sol logo instagram

    Bio and Name:

    The bio is the first information the user gets from you. What or who are you? What is the idea and purpose of this account? Do you have some awesome quotes or solutions to share with the world? Let people know about it! If you can inspire them with your bio, then it's easier for them to follow you. Try, if possible, to combine the name and bio in an awesome way.

    Overall look of the account:

    The main goal of the on-page-optimization should be to make the overall look of your account amazing. Try to post enough pictures, so there's enough of content the user can see by their first visit. A good start would be to have at least 18 pictures (9 pictures x 2 sites on mobile = 18). Don't worry about the likes, they will come or you can later delete them.
    After the first pictures, upload once till five times a day new pictures. If you make it too intense, you'll become annoying. If you make it too little, you'll become boring. Try to stay in the golden middle.
    Moreover, get to know your followers. Who is the audience? Serve them in an attractive way, like a chef designs his desserts, what they are looking for. In addition, stay focused on the main subject. Don't switch from perfume to football and back. People follow because of the subject, not because of your creativity to change it.
    instagram guide tips tricks advertisement

    (Perfume bottle from: Freepik)

  2.  #Hashtags

    I often receive the question: "Do hashtags still work and which one should I choose?"
    The answer is yes, they do still work. We've been running several tests with the same picture and different hashtags and found out that the hashtags do have an impact of the likes. However, the conversion rate (conversion rate: turning an account visitor or somebody who liked a picture into a follower or a website visitor) of both were not that impressive. The main reason is that the hashtags we've been using were #like4like #comment4comment #follow4follow.
    Visitors who see these think that we're looking for the fast followers and that's what's making us uninteresting and cheap ( =/ professional). Therefore, a way you can use hashtags is to implement them in your phrases or quotes.
    instagram guide tips tricks advertisement

    As you can see, we integrated two high ranking (= with many visitors) #hashtags in a post and it still looks professional.
    Yet, if you want to use many hashtags like #like4like #comments4comment #follow4follow then would i suggest you write them in the third line, because Instagram minify the picture descriptions after the third line and you'll only see them if you click on it. So try to fill the description out till the third line and then add as many #hashtags as you like. Very few users will notice it.

  3. Shoutouts

    A good way to get new traffic, followers and likes are always shoutouts (another user is mentioning you in their pictures). It's one of the fastest ways to grow your account. Although you first need to find other users who are willing to do a shoutout for you. Maybe you're lucky enough and one or several of your friends will help you out.
    If that's not the case, don't worry, there are two other ways. Try to grow your account until you reached 1k-5k followers. When you reached this number of followers, look for other accounts in the same niche and contact (direct message on profile or e-mail when listed in their BIOS) them for a shoutout4shoutout (shoutout exchange).
    You can also try to contact big accounts with more than 10k followers and ask them for a shoutout. Some provide them for free, some charge you with 20$ with a 24h mention (this price is from a 250k account, don't get ripped off).

  4. Tools

    What would be an instagram guide with tipps and tricks without tools? As a website needs tools to optimize their keywords, the location of their visitors and conversion rate, so does an instagram account too. It simplifies many things and also helps to find out where your followers, likes, etc. are coming from.
    Moreover, can you concentrate on other important things and let your account run on autopilot.


    Analytics tools are very important if you want to run big! It shows you where the majority of your likes, followers, comments etc. is coming from. Which hashtags received the most attention.
    This are some insights from a very old account which I currently don't use, but it's to give you an idea what an analytics tool does
    instagram guide tips tricks advertisement

    A full insight of your profile can be seen at:
    · (Free)
    · (Free)
    · (Not free)

    Automation tools

    An instagram bot is nothing else than a tool that automates all your actions. It automatically likes, follows, unfollows, comments and does more so your account is running 24/7.
    The advantages are, that due so many actions within an hour, you'll receive many likes, follows or comments back. Moreover, does a bot stay inside the actions/hour limits (if you pass these limits, your account will get temporally disabled or lifetime banned).
    The only disadvantage of a bot is, that you can't really control which pictures are liked or which profiles are followed. So it's possible that your followers may see in their feed that you liked inappropriate pictures.
    However, we strongly recommend to use a bot, since it's really one of the best, fastest and cheapest way to gain followers or traffic.instagram guide tips tricks advertisement

    Since we provide instagram bots, we recommend the following ones, because they are one of the very few who are using's direct connection, so your login details won't be saved on any third party server.

    · Cetagram-lite (Free)
    · Cetagram (Not free)

    Upload pictures from your pc

    Sometimes you come to a point where you edit all your pictures on the pc, and then want to upload them straight to instagram without sending them to your phone. This is possible due to some websites and programs.
    · (Free)

  5. Contests and product placements

    Another good way, if you want to get your product out to the people, are contests and product placements. However, if you don't have enough followers (5k) then it will be hard to reach many people. Therefore, should you get in touch with big accounts and ask them again for a shoutout in exchange for a free sample of a product. Many social media stars are doing the same thing, some get paid big money, some only get free items, but the effect is the same.

  6. Last resort

    A last resort, if you still won't make it with instagram, is to buy an aged account that already has several thousands of followers. However, be cautious, this violates instagram's TOS.
    Moreover, before buying aged accounts, should you look at the types of followers and likes. If the followers look fake and the pictures only have a few likes, then are the followers and likes probably bought, which won't be any good for you.
    Therefore, always manually analyze these accounts before buying! The prices should be for a 10k Follower / 100 like per picture account around 25$.


  • Don't buy any followers, likes or comments directly. There are several online services providing them, but they won't do any good, because these users are all fake. How "professional" would a 50k account look with only 50likes per picture?
  • Do not authorize any unknown third party app to use your account. Many programs are promising free followers by simply accepting them via instagram and giving all your information and permissions to them. Many of them use this as a trick so they can use your account for their services.
    You can always revoke permission via the instagram settings:
    instagram guide tips tricks advertisement

Final thoughts

A good instagram account always needs a lot of invested time. This instagram guide with tipps and tricks only show the basic of an immense world that instagram contains. Don't surrender after the first weeks. It took me over a month to reach the 10k mark. I've seen people who gained within one year 150k follower (from 40k to 190k) because they stuck to their subject and posted three times a day. A lot of work brings a lot of results!

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