iMacros to Java script converter

iMacros to Java Script converter





Download our free tool "iMacros to Java script converter" and start using java script with your iMacros browser add-on.

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iMacros  Java Script Converter





iMacros Java Script Converter


The advantage of using Java Script in iMacros is that you can use a lot of method and functions for automatation. In addition is sometimes the best and fastest way is to record the iMacros script, and combine them with a java script.

How to use iMacros to Java Script converter?

Insert your iMacros code into the first text box, change the variable (not needed) to anything you want/need, and hit the Convert button. If the final product is really big, you can easily copy your whole converted code with the "Copy whole script to clipboard" button. To convert another code, simply click on Clear iMacros field and start from the beginning.

How does it work?

The tool takes your whole code and your variables, put's this in the beginning:



and adds to every line of your script:


It also adds to every line where a " and symbol is located a backslash (   ) to escape those symbols.
And add's in the end:


This site will be updated with more infos.
(Note: Java is needed to run iMacros to Java converter)



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