.csv File creator

Easily create your iMacros datasource files with csv file creator


csv file creator

csv File creator is simple tool that makes it easy to create your datasources for iMacros. Insert in the given field your variables or text's whichever you need as "!DATASOURCE" for automatation, change the filename to whatever you want, and save it. If needed, change the location. That's it.

Combine this tool with whatever you want, either it's for personal use, or provide your iMacros scripts with this tool for your clients.
Want a custom layout for yourself? Get in contact with me: [email protected]

Commercial use is allowed with crediting xs-Sol.

Feel free to use it, and improving it. If you improved it, please let us know, so we can publish it here too!




  • Insert up to 15 info/data/texts into your .csv file
  • change the name of the .csv file
  • change saving location (pre-set to iMacros Datasource saving location)
  • empty boxes will be ignored
  • Free


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                    Note: Java is needed to run this tool

csv file creator

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