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How to center Instagram Bio with invisible space

instagram center bio space online

Ever passed by an instagram account with a really cool bio that was centered? The normal space character didn’t work? This is because the space, to make space in an instagram bio is not really a space but an invisible symbol that looks like the one in the following box between the two arrows: → […]

Best iMacros workarounds, hacks, tipps and tricks

imacros tipps and tricks

iMacros is a simple and powerful browser plugin for webautomatation. By using a build-in record function, you can login into an account, fill out forms or do bulk actions. I often came to a point where I wanted to automate something which was simply programming logic but seemed quite impossible with iMacros. After some intensive […]

Refresh the icons on Windows

reload windows icons

This might be more interesting for developers out there, however you could use it too one day. To update programs, you need to compile them every time from the beginning and this means if you want to change the program’s icon, then you need to compile it with another icon image. However, when you install/use […]