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Sell in three steps:

  • Place a free Ad

  • Wait until you get contacted

  • Sell

It's 100% free, no charges or placing fees

In short:

  • Place your ads 100% for free.
  • no hidden charges
  • Direct contact per e-mail
  • First and only platform to provide shoutouts and sell instagram accounts for free. Why free? Because we we're looking for a free solution too, couldnt find it, so we provide it.
  • Respect rules: No spam, no none related content to instagram or fake followers/bots.
  • All ads are automatically deleted after 200 days. (If you sold it before, please inform us via [email protected])

Terms of use:

  • xs-Sol only provides the "Instagram marketplace" page and platform. None of the contents, accounts or users belongs to xs-Sol and therefore can we not be held liable, nor guilty for any of the contents, or transferred money in any currency to anyone. If you're using our service, as a buyer or as a seller, you agree that you understand to use this service at your very own risk and xs-Sol has nothing to do with the business you're having between a seller or a buyer.
  • We recommend, before doing any business, to let the seller prove the existence and ownership of the account of interest.